About Dr. V I Mathan

A gastroenterologist par excellence, Dr V I Mathan was instrumental in starting the Department of Gastrointestinal Sciences at CMC Vellore.

He was responsible for starting the clinical unit in CMC Vellore, initiating the endoscopy services and beginning a training programme in Gastroenterology,while continuing to foster basic research.

A true academician at heart,he established a formal teaching course leading to an exam in 1977- first with the National Academy of Sciences and later with Madras University. He has been widely published and has been recognized for his contributions in Clinical Gastroenterology both nationally and internationally.

He served as the secretary of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology for 5 consecutive terms (1975-1981) and was elected as the president of the society in 1982.

Colitis & Crohn's Foundation (India) has been established as a national, not-for-profit, voluntary academic society by a team of people with special interest in inflammatory bowel disease

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